The new Lyon structure of padel, All In Padel, located in OL Vallée, was officially presented by four great champions: Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, Anthony Lopes, Thierry Ascione and Johan Bergeron.

A complex taking shape

The complex is expected to officially open next February, unless COVID-19 continues to decide otherwise. With 6 courts of padel indoor a few meters from the new Lyon football stadium, the Groupama Stadium, the padel is located in the heart of this new city.

The football stadium is the heart of Décines, but the place will also host a large-scale complex, the Arena, where ASVEL will play in particular. The location is just magical and we imagine that the site will allow us to have “new players from padel" very soon.

And it could start with the players of the Lyon team, as the famous home keeper Anthony Lopes explains:

With the stadium right next to it, it is certain that we will see the Lyon players in the center of padel. Some players and team leaders already practice the padel. I let you imagine the bets that will be there soon. 

“Create new players”

These are the words of the triple French champion of padel, Johan Bergeron.

“Creating players” is the club's number one objective and with this crowd of stars and the club's location, I think we are already off to a good start!

Being an integral part of the sports project of the new club of padel, Johan, this pure-bred Lyonnais, is at home.

The Lyon region is very large and the padel is booming in France. There is a lot to do and this type of event with icons like Tsonga and Lopes helps promote the sport.

Surf the conversion rate

Who better than the pioneer of this All In adventure Padel, Thierry Ascione, to talk about this project which is taking shape:

We can feel it, in France as elsewhere, there is really a surge of padel remarkable. Athletes who touch padel are almost always new players who will come back. 

The advantage with the padelis the conversion rate when you touch it. I'm not sure there is such a fun sport as this ... 

When we speak with all of the founders of All In Padel, we understand one thing:

The goal is not just competition, we want to create a real fun, friendly environment. And the padel that's it. We are in a logic of emphasizing leisure, even if obviously education will never be very far and there will always be a window for those who want to go further. 

Obviously the top level is our DNA. And we will offer an academy of padel for players who have ambitions. With Jo (Bergeron), that is precisely the objective. He returns to France with a unique experience. And he will be able to share this with the All In Padel.

In the viewfinder: the opening and the academy

In the viewfinder, as the story goes tsonga:

The opening of the padel next February and then the establishment of All In Academy in 2022

Jo-Wilfried Tsonga, like Anthony Lopes and Thierry Ascione, has invested in the All In project, an impressive project: a 2200 m² space with a dream setting is taking shape with basketball, football, soon tennis (again with All In), a surf wave unique in Europe, etc.

After the press conference, head for an exhibition match with our five champions Jo-Wilfried Tsonga and his coach Thierry ascione, the goalkeeper of OL, Anthony Lopes, the triple champion of France, Johan Bergeron and the sports director All In Padel, Arnaud Taboni.

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Club des Pyramides in 2009 in the Paris region. Since padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France going to cover the major events of padel French.