After their defeat in the 1/4 final of the Canarias Open, Fiona and Mafalda reflect on their match and their first association.

Padel Magazine : “Fiona, what impressions after this loss 6/0 7/6?”

Fiona Ligi: “We are obviously a little disappointed, the first set went rather quickly. We had a hard time adapting to the terrain and the conditions and the fact that it was our first association even if it was not the biggest concern. In the second we recovered well, we straightened up a bit but it's true that there were a few small mistakes that we could have erased, but above all we are very disappointed with the first set.

PM: “Mafalda, what do you think of this first time with Fiona?”

Mafalda Fernandes : “Yesterday we played very well against a local team but today we started very badly on this very hard track where it is very hot. Then we fought to the end saving several match points but I really enjoyed playing with Fiona and we will try to do it again.

PM: “Fiona, this was your first experience at the APT, does it make you want to do more?”

FL: “Frankly I enjoyed myself, the atmosphere, the fact of playing with Mafalda… I intend to repeat the thing. Why not on the WPT or come back to the APT with Mafalda or another player.

PM: “Mafalda, what are the next tournaments you will play? With Fiona or with your partner?”

MF: "I would very much like to play with Fiona again but I think the next steps are in Argentina so it complicates a little bit but I loved this experience and I hope we will play Fiona together again!”

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