It was the final everyone was hoping for, and we will have it! The two pairs that dominated the season will face off for the title at the Master Final of theAPT Padel Tour in Guadalajara.

Number 1 of course

Franco Dal Bianco and Maxi Arce are no coincidence. The two Argentinians have had an almost perfect season and want to crown it with this very special title. Last year, the n°1 had failed and this defeat is “stuck in the throat” according to Maxi Arce.

Facing Barrera/Britos, the n°1s were in killer mode. An express victory for the No. 1s who were able to remain solid when Pablo Barrera had his highlight at the start of the second set.

Arce and Dal Bianco look unstoppable, and this time around “the title will not escape us”, explained the players in a post-match interview

Maximilian Maple / Franco Da Bianco 6-4 / 6-2 Pablo barrera / Andres Britos

Tito&Tolito: the obsession with victory

Tito Allemandi and Tolito Aguirre were injured for not being able to win the No. 1 spot despite winning 4 consecutive tournaments.

In Guadalajara, the sulphurous pair want to find the way to victory, and for the moment the level of play is incredible.

The two Argentinians are undoubtedly at a better level, and manage to get the upper hand over Gonzalo Alfonso and Julio Julianoti. The Argentine-Brazilian pair can do nothing against the talent of the pair so creative.

The room for improvement of this pair for tomorrow will undoubtedly pass through a reduction in faults on the part of Tolito.

 Leonel Aguirre / Adrian Allemandi  6-2 / 3-6 / 6-2 Gonzalo G.Alfonso / Julio Julianoti

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