APT tables Padel Tour Asuncion Open, which starts on March 01, in Paraguay, are out! Discover the participating pairs!

For this first tournament of 2021, 49 pairs have registered. Of the 98 registered players, we find a very large majority of South Americans, with 94 participants ! Argentina is the most represented country with 51 players, followed by Paraguay, 35. There are also 3 Brazilians, 3 Chileans and 2 Mexicans.

- 4 other players present are Europeans, On finds the French Jérémy Scatena and his Spanish partner Sergio Icardo, and another Spanish pair: Diego Pascual Simon (317 WPT) and Jose Pedro Montalban (289 WPT)!

Asuncion Open APT Padel Tour

For Scatena / Icardo, start in previa, from Tuesday March 2, at 09:30 a.m. Local time, against Hector Vergara and Sebastian Rodriguez, a Paraguayan pair, who will therefore play at home! In case of victory they would play again Tuesday, at 16:00 p.m. to try to qualify for the main draw, where the Spanish pair are waiting.

In the main table we find great teams, like the ultra spectacular Leo Aguirre, associated with Cristian Ozan, seed number 1, Brazilians Stefano Flores and Julio Julianoti, seed number 2, or two formidable Argentinian pairs: Egea / Barrera and Melgratti / Soliveres. In addition, we find the former star of padel global Mariano Lasaigues, associated with Javier Reiter!

There will be a show on the Asuncion side, we can't wait for it to start! For those who would like to take a look at all the tables, it is just below!


APT Padel Tour Cuadro Asuncion Open 2021

APT Padel Previa Asuncion Open 2021 Tour

APT Padel Preprevia Asuncion Open 2021 Tour


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