Jérémy Scatena will be present in Paraguay on March 1 for the first APT tournament of 2021 Padel Take the Tour, he will play with spanish Sergio Icardo.

With Sergio Icardo in Paraguay

It's official, Jérémy Scatena is definitely engaged with the APT Padel Tower. He will do the first two tournaments offered by the most international circuit. To accompany him there will be a certain Sergio Icardo:

“With the APT, it is in the process of being signed. It is 99% safe. What is certain is that I will do the first 2 tournaments of the year at Paraguay. I'll be leaving in a week. ”

“I have the chance to play with Sergio Icardo, ranked 93 in the WPT. He's a left-hander, someone who has the experience, a very solid. He's going to play a bit slower than Ben, with feints. He is someone who defends very well with the windows, and who has made great games this season, arriving in the previas final like us. It brings me Products to go to everyone. "

“He will be the best ranking partner I have ever had. It is recognition for French players. Ben Tison is playing with the 91, so it's kind of the same situation. ”

“We had a good season and we are recognized. As a French person, it is not easy to have better ranked partners. It's a real recognition of a level of play. ”

sergio-icardo world padel tour scat

Motivated to join the APT after an ideal preseason

The big smasher has worked hard during his “pre temporada” in the Caribbean and he arrives ready to do battle on the APT!

"I took 10 kilos including 8 or 9 of muscles. I took the sun, I did activities, I enjoyed life and it did me a lot of good. We don't have time to build up muscles when we work out padel. I feel it well on the field, I am sheathed. It's a big plus and it will bring me. ”

“With the APT, I won't have such long tables in terms of games. With Ben, when we played in the top 50, we were 50% winning. When I go to play top 50 in the first round of the APT, I can win. The advantage will be not to play 5 games before reaching the top 50, and arriving tired. ”

“There will be between 15 and 20 very good players on the APT. My dream is to play the Master Final, therefore to be in the top 16. ”

"I hope the APT will be retransmitted because there is a big demand to see sport, see people and joy. ”

“The WPT: a shame”

“The WPT: not just the top 20”

I decided not to play on the World Padel Tour. This circuit is currently the benchmark of professional circuits since it began its adventure in 2013. The top players of the World Padel Tour are for the most part contractually blocked until 2023. But I think the padel professional, it's not just the 20 best players in the world, mainly Spain. 

Do you really think the WPT is living up to the huge international boom in our sport in recent years? 

“The WPT in reaction”

The good news for WPT players is that its leaders pay close attention to what the APT is doing. And as they have done in the past, they will try to respond by aligning with the APT. 

First, the WPT resolved in 2018 to make some improvements in the face of the fear of seeing the International Padel Turn take his suite. 

Then quite suddenly, we saw the WPT collaborate with the FIP to face their common enemy. We note that it is ultimately a good thing for the padel. We are therefore surprised that the WPT and the FIP did not do so earlier. 

With the ambition of the APT Padel Turn, the WPT has no choice but to do more for the players and to listen to them. Because if she doesn't do it now, the players will all leave. 

For years, players have been asking the WPT to relax overly strict regulations on costs, organizations, photos, videos, streaming. You will see that coincidentally the WPT could evolve very quickly and maybe even as early as 2021.

What bothers me is that we are always in the reaction, in the response to an external situation. Should we agree without doing anything, without saying anything? Today there is an alternative.

“The WPT: a beer…”

This tour faces a problem that is beyond all opinions: the tour belongs to a Spanish beer brand. The worm is in the fruit. How can a circuit reasonably grow around the world when many countries ban alcohol advertising? If anyone has the answer, I'm a taker. 

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