Gonzalo Alfonso and Federico Chiostri win the APT Padel Tour Paraguay Master thanks to their victory in straight sets against Pablo Barrera and Nicolas Egea!

They were not favorites at the start of the meeting, but Federico Chiostri and Gonzalo Aflfonso They succeeded a great match to get seeded number 3 in the tournament and win the first Master of 2021!

Not really recovered from their hard fight last night, Nicolas Egea and Pablo Barrera did not seem really on their plate at the start of the match. Their opponents took advantage of this, inflicting a 6/0 on them. The second round was more balanced, but it was the freshest pair that won. A final victory 6/0 6/4 for the two players aged 22 and 25 respectively!

Chiostri Alfonso winners APT Paraguay Master

Jérémy Scatena and Sergio Icardo can console themselves by saying that they lost to the pair that won the tournament! Chiostri and Alfonso conclude a successful week with a deserved victory which allows them to at the same time settle on the first step of the APT ranking Padel Take the Tour. Indeed, the APT has decided to remove from the count the points of the two tournaments played last season, which means that only the two events played in Paraguay are now taken into account.

Small break for the players of the APT, who will resume service in early April, for the Monaco Open, scheduled for April 5 to 11!

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