Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco qualify for the final of theAPT Portugal Masters 2021. The Argentines go back to a hung match against their compatriots Pablo Barrera and Pablo Egea. 1/6 6/2 6/3

A one-sided first set

The first semi-final of the men's table starts off in a rather surprising way. The match, very balanced on paper, is one-sided. Metronomes Pablo Barrera and Pablo Egea do not commit any fault, forcing their opponents to force their strikes.

Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco twice lose their service game, and have no opportunity on the opposing service game. The first set goes. 6/1

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The mental strength of Arce / Dal Bianco

Stung in their pride, Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco regain lucidity. The track is faster, and that must benefit their aggressive play.

The par 3 festival begins and Pablo Barrera and Pablo Egea are outdated. Arce / Dal Bianco equalizes to a set everywhere. 6/2

A hard standoff

For the first time in the match, we find both pairs at their best at the same time. The show goes up a notch. It takes a lot to get a point in this set.

We are witnessing a real fight, with two pairs defending their service with a knife between their teeth.

In the eighth game, Maximiliano Arce and Franco Dal Bianco get 3 break points. The “Pablos” save two in a spectacular way, but give in to the third. Arce / Dal Bianco serves for the match, and leaves no chance to his opponents. The Argentines hold their first final! 6/3

Dal Bianco: “Our strong point is mental strength. After the first set, we were able to come back much stronger, and we didn't give up. ”

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The winners of the day will be opposed to Stefano Flores and Julio Julianoti. Brazilians take advantage of the Gonzalo Alfonso, touched the abdominals, to afford a second final in 7 days!

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