Alejandra Salazar and Sofia Araujo came to our microphone just before their first match at the Greenweez Paris Major. The Spanish-Portuguese pair started with a victory, acquired in pain against Alonso / Ustero (5/7 7/6 7/5).

An association that is off to a good start

The two players who form one of the most promising new pairs on the circuit returned to our microphone on their beginnings together and on the birth of their association, which began with Gemma Triay's desire to continue her association with Marta Ortega.

Sofia Araujo experienced this “stab” to Alejandra Salazar's pride last June when Martita left her to join…Gemma, in what was only supposed to be an interim collaboration, in waiting for Salazar's return to competition...

But the two women were able to bounce back in the most beautiful way, reaching the final in their first tournament together, at the WPT Finland Open. Tournament where Gemma Triay and Marta Ortega lost a round earlier against Béa Gonzalez and Delfi Brea.

Two players who didn't really know each other

Sofia Araujo told us that she didn't really know Alejandra before receiving her collaboration proposal because the two players hadn't had a lot of opportunities to talk together. "We only knew each other as opponents, and now we play together".

This can be explained by the age difference between the two players and the fact that Sofia really exploded only two years ago. As a reminder, ten years ago, Alejandra Salazar won the Master Final of the World Padel Tour and Sofia Araujo was 900th in the world in tennis. Two destinies which did not seem to have gone to meet, but which find themselves thanks to the padel, and so far it seems to be working pretty well!