Are you taking too long when changing sides? Are you frustrated by your opponents who seem to take forever between each point? Thanks to the guidearbitrage du padel set up by the FFT, you can become an expert on the subject. Today, we are focusing on deadlines at padel.

How much time does a pair have to show up on the pitch?

10 minutes after the convocation time.

Note: after this time, the pair of which one player (at least) is missing, will be declared forfeit by the Referee, unless the latter considers that it is a case of force majeure; in which case he will leave a reasonable period of time for the player(s) to present themselves.

When the games are convened one after the other (programming of the “to be continued” type), what is the time allowed after the end of the previous game?

5 minutes.

What is the time allowed between 2 points?

20 seconds.

Note: This delay is granted between the end of the last stitch and the start of the next stitch.

What is the time allowed between 2 services?

None, the game must be continuous.

What is the time allowed for each side change?

– A maximum of 90 seconds of rest can be taken at each change of side.

– After the 1st game of each set or during a tiebreaker or super tiebreaker, play will be continuous and players will change sides without any rest (the 20 second delay between the end of the last point and the next one still being applied) .

– Two minutes of rest are authorized at the end of each round.

Note: These delays are granted between the end of the last stitch and the start of the next stitch.

A player suffers an accidental injury. Is he entitled to a game interruption?

– Yes, he is entitled to 3 minutes of interruption, possibly cumulative with the minute 30 granted to the change of side or the 2 minutes if it is at the end of a round. The injured player must immediately specify whether he wishes to take his 3 minutes to receive treatment or whether he prefers to wait for the change of sides.

– In the event of bleeding, medical treatment may be extended for up to 5 minutes.

How many interventions at most can a player benefit from for the same injury?

- Three :

• a 3-minute medical treatment;

• time for two side changes.

Note: These 3 interventions can be taken in any order and at any time during the game.

A player has just benefited from a 3-minute treatment, can his partner, who has not been treated, “give” him his 3-minute treatment?

No. Healing is counted per player.

A player who has already benefited from a 3-minute treatment for a wrist injury injures his ankle. Is he entitled to another 3-minute treatment?

Yes. Each new injury or on-field aggravation of an existing injury can result in a 3-minute heal.

On what score can a Referee decide to stop a game because of the light and only resume it the next day or on another lit court?

It will be necessary to stop the game on an even sum of games in this round.

A game is stopped. On what score will she resume?

The game must resume exactly where it left off: same score, same server, same side for each pair.

Note: If the interruption took place after a faulty first service, then the game will resume on a first service.

How much time is given to a player if his clothes, shoes need to be replaced because they have deteriorated on the pitch, or for any circumstance beyond the player's control?

A reasonable period of time will be granted to him to find a solution.

How much time is given to a player to replace his racquet?

None, the player must respect the continuity of the game. He may possibly leave the field to get another one.

Note: if the time is exceeded, the Referee will apply the code of conduct for periods of 30 seconds.

During a change of ends, a player wishes to change his shorts because he does not feel comfortable with them. Decision ?

No additional time will be granted to him, the player must respect the time of change of side to change.

Note: This is a comfort change. He can also change on the spot the time of a change of side.

A player wears glasses at the start of a match; at the end of the first round, it starts to rain very lightly without interrupting the game. The player then asks for a game interruption to put the contact lenses he has in his bag to replace his glasses. Decision ?

The player has a reasonable time to do so.

By relacing his shoe, a player breaks a lace: is he entitled to a game interruption to repair the damage?

Yes, it is granted, as with any material incident, a reasonable time to repair the damage.

A player experiences cramps (officially diagnosed) or some other natural loss of physical condition. Is he entitled to a game interruption? 

No, the game must continue. In the event of non-compliance with this rule, the pair is sanctioned under the Code of Conduct for a period of 30 seconds.

The healer is called to the field. After the assessment of the injury, the healer asks that the treatment be done in the locker room. He leaves the field with the player and the Referee. When will the 3-minute interruption of play begin, and who is responsible for time control?

It is the Referee who will control the treatment time. The 3 minutes are counted down when the healer has prepared his equipment and begins the treatment.

A game is interrupted, the players leave the field. Can they during the interruption receive care or advice?

Yes, treatments will not be counted and coaching is allowed.

Can a player be allowed to leave the pitch to go to the toilet?

Yes, the player is allowed to leave the field to go to the toilets twice per game (including warm-up), preferably at the end of a round. He has a reasonable amount of time for this. He must be accompanied so that he cannot receive either treatment or advice. As far as possible, a player likely to be ill during the game must notify the Referee before the game, who will inform his opponents.

A player has reached the maximum number of authorized toilet exits, he asks the Referee to exit again. Decision ?

  • – The player may be allowed to leave the field, but he will only be granted the time of the change of ends to do so.
  • – If he did not return in time, the unintentional time overrun procedure applies (warning, point, point, point, etc.) in periods of 30 seconds.

Note: The Referee may refuse any additional outings if he feels that it harms the spirit of the game.

A player asks to go to the bathroom in the middle of an inning. Decision ?

He must wait for the end-of-inning break to go to the bathroom. If it is an emergency, the Referee will exceptionally authorize him to leave the field, preferably before his service game. He will be given a reasonable amount of time for this.

A game resumes after 15 minutes of interruption following the intervention of a healer (10 minutes to come, 2 minutes of diagnosis and 3 minutes of care). How much warm-up time are players entitled to?

3 minutes.

Can a cramped player be massaged by his partner?

Yes, subject to compliance with the 20 second rule or during rest periods.

Neither of the two pairs respects the rule of 20 seconds between two points, the responsibility of the two pairs being engaged. Decision ?

It is the server pair that should be penalized.

thomas jay

After being rocked by tennis for nearly 15 years, I became an absolute fan of its cousin, the padel. For nearly a year now, I've been chasing the little yellow ball with another racquet, but with just as much passion! Based in Lyon, I intend to make you better acquainted with the padel in the region and at the national level.