In interview given to Tennis Actu TV, Arnaud Di Pasquale shares his thoughts and enthusiasm on the spectacular evolution of padel in France.

With a clear vision and undeniable passion, he declares: “We are very far from being mature in this world”, thus highlighting the immense and still untapped potential of padel in France.

Unprecedented growth

Le padel in France is experiencing unprecedented growth, a phenomenon that Di Pasquale describes as “delight”. It highlights the creation of a department dedicated to padel within the FFT, an initiative which demonstrates the deep commitment to this sport.

The appointment of Stephanie Cohen-Aloro at the head of this department is hailed as a crucial step for the development of the padel. Furthermore, Di Pasquale underlines the importance of figures such as Benjamin Tison, which contribute to the growth of padel in France.

The Greenweez Paris Major : the spearhead of padel French

The Greenweez Paris Major, a major event in the world of padel, is at the heart of the discussions. Organized at Roland-Garros, this tournament symbolizes the audacity and innovation of padel French. With a record attendance, increasing from 25 to 000 spectators, the tournament demonstrates the growing enthusiasm for this sport. Di Pasquale shares his enthusiasm for this event, which serves as an exceptional showcase for the padel and contributes to its rapid development.

Inclusion and evolution: towards a promising future

The inclusion of women in the circuit Premier Padel is a crucial point addressed by Di Pasquale. This progress marks an important step towards equality and enriches the sporting offer. In addition, changes to tournament dates are announced, as well as an increase in capacity, reflecting the growing popularity of the sport. Di Pasquale also highlights the importance of getting clubs and the community more involved. padel in these events.

A bright future for padel in France

Arnaud Di Pasquale expresses his conviction that the padel in France is still far from having reached maturity. He sees a bright future for this sport which already has a community of 500 practitioners and is enjoying rapid growth.

Its objective is to make the Greenweez Paris Major an unmissable event, both in France and internationally, and perhaps even the biggest tournament in padel in the world.

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