If you follow the players of padel professionals on Instagram, you must have seen these photos of Arturo Coello wearing a mask.

Number 1 in the FIP ranking, Arturo Coello knows that a big season awaits him. Indeed, with the return to the fore of Lebron and Galan, who will also start the year as number 1 pair, and the always very regular Di Nenno and Stupaczuk, the native of Valladolid will have to play his best padel in 2024 to retain his throne.

And to be at his best physically, the 21-year-old trains with a mask simulating high altitude conditions. The objective: to improve lung capacity, maximum oxygen consumption (VO2Max), the anaerobic threshold and even physical and mental resistance.

If for the moment, no scientific study has been able to really confirm the effectiveness of these masks, we can at least note that Arturo does not lack style equipped in this way. Will it launch a new fashion among gamers? padel ?

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