Our partners offer you their offers for the month of April concerning attack rackets for expert players.

It's a novelty at Padel Magazine : every month, our partner sites will share snowshoe offers that are close to their hearts. For April, we are focusing on high-end snowshoes focused attack !

Are you an advanced / expert level player looking for a pala that allows you to reveal all your offensive potential? Here are some models you should like!

Babolat air Viper

A racquet in a whole new shape, which will appeal to players looking for a light pala (355g). Intended for rather aerial profiles, the air Viper features 16k carbon faces for maximum performance on big hits. Its X EVA foam will give you more power and precision in attack, enough ball output in defense! A pala that you will find at the rate of 251,90€ at our partner's Mind Padel Shop !

Babolat air Viper

Weight: 355g


Bullpadel Vertex 03

Maxi Sanchez's new pala on the World Padel Tour. This Vertex 03 is equipped like the previous version with MultiEva foam and 12k carbon on the sides for maximum power in attack. New for 2021 is the presence of the brand new bridge “Air React Channel”, which allows you to increase both your ball speed and control. A pala that should still be a player's favorite, and that you will find at the rate of 274,90€ at our partner's French Padel Shop.

Bullpadel Vertex 03

Weight: 365-380g

Cartri Volcano 2

Cartri offers very high-end palas, particularly robust and handcrafted in Spain. With its particular shape, this new Volcano 2 incorporates a 6k carbon-kevlar frame for maximum stability and strength. The Foam / Eva hybrid foam will give you a unique touch of the ball and the 12D printed 3k carbon finish will allow you to reveal all your power. You will find it with our partner Racket Padel, at the rate of 395 €.

Weight: 355-375g

Bullpadel Vertex Comfort

The pala of Juan Tello, a more comfortable version of the Vertex 03 since it has on its faces a material developed by Bullpadel, which mixes fiberglass and carbon fiber: the Fibrix. On the program, more ball output and comfort. A very interesting version for players who want to benefit from power with a softer touch. She is available at the price of 189,50€ at our partner's Padel Reference !

Bullpadel Vertex 03 Comfort

Weight: 365-380g

Babolat Technical Viper

It is quite simply the racket used by Juan Lebron on the World Padel Tour. With its specific diamond shape, it is, as the name suggests, perfect for technical offensive players who want to express their full offensive palette. With its 12k carbon on the sides and its 3D Spin + coating it will guarantee you powerful strikes and sharp effects! You will find it at our partner's Padel Reference, at the price of 252€ !

Babolat technical Viper

Weight: 365g

Head Delta Hybrid Graphene 360+

It is the most powerful pala from home Head. The Delta Hybrid Graphene 360+, with its diamond shape and its Power Foam will allow you to print a very high speed to your balls. Both explosive and comfortable, this pala, used in particular by Agustin Gutierrez on the World Padel Tour, will offer you, thanks to its Graphene 360+ on the sides, sufficient rigidity to maximize the effectiveness of your smashes. She is available at the price of 209,90€ at our partner's French Padel Shop.

Head Graphene360 + Delta Hybrid

Weight: 375g

Black Crown Power Genius

This is the new focused power racket from Black Crown. With its teardrop shape, it is a pala that is both powerful and manoeuvrable, versatile in other words. Thanks to its Super Control Black Eva foam, you will have both a very good ball output and precision. The combination with the rough 12k carbon will ensure you power and strength. You will find it with our partner Racket Padel, at the price of 221€ !

Black Crown Power Genius 2021

Weight: 350-370g

Head Alpha Pro

A racquet that is not classified at first glance in the power models but which nevertheless does not lack bite. The new pala by Sanyo Gutierrez, in the shape of a drop of water, is a versatile model that will offer you ball output and comfort thanks to its Power Foam. The presence of Graphene 360+ will allow you to impress a lot of speed on the ball when it comes to concluding! You will find it at the price of 229,90 € at our partner's Mind Padel Shop.

Head Alpha Pro 2021

Weight: 375g

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