New Friday and new episode of the series At the heart of padel with the Palois Paul Daulan at the academy Padel Stuff from Bilbao. It’s the return of serve that is the subject of today’s video!

After two months in the academy, Paul has already been able to improve in many areas. But just after playing his first tournament in Bilbao, he noticed that his return of serve deserves to be improved.

Like many amateur players, he tends to position himself too close to the side window when his opponents engage. In addition, he is sometimes tempted to take a lot of risk on his returns, which rarely pays off.

Former professional player Andoni Bardasco will first explain to him that by shifting a little towards the center, he will be able to more easily defend not only the serves to the T, but also those going towards the glass! Furthermore, the technician will also advise him to play in a natural way and not to try to take too many risks.

Do you also have the feeling that you could do better in return for your service? Head to the video below!

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