To celebrate the launch of Racket Trip and the presence of Padel Stuff on this new platform, the Bilbao academy offers you the chance to win an internship padel.

What better Christmas gift than an internship padel in the Spanish Basque Country, supervised by the former professional player Andoni Bardasco?

You follow the series At the heart of padel and you want to do like Paul Daulan, go and spend a stay in Bilbao to give a boost to your progress in padel ? So hurry up and go comment on the video below on YouTube, because there is a training course padel to be won for 2024!

And for all those who will not be drawn, know that Padel Stuff will set up group courses by level in 2024, in addition to the tailor-made training already offered.

You want to do an internship padel collective but you don't have anyone to go to Bilbao with? The academy takes care of everything!

All explanations in the video below:

Xan is a fan of padel. But also rugby! And his posts are just as punchy. Physical trainer of several padel, he unearths atypical posts or deals with topical subjects. It also gives you some tips to develop your physique for the padel. Clearly, he imposes his offensive style as on the field of padel !