StarVie carried out a major “clean-up” at the start of 2024 by letting go of a large part of its contracted players.

After Javi Garrido, left for Wilson, Bea Gonzalez, gone to Bullpadel but also Carolina Navarro, Lucas Bergamini, or even Jesus Moya, it is Coki Nieto who is leaving the Spanish brand. A real page is turning for the one who, so to speak, began the padel with StarVie in your hands!

We are clearly seeing a change in policy on the side of the brand which manufactures its palas in Azuqueca de Henares, in the suburbs of Madrid. By abandoning, so to speak, the sponsorship of professional players, StarVie keeps significant liquidity in a market which promises to be ever more competitive, but takes the risk of falling a little into oblivion... The future will tell us if this bet will have paid off!

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