At a certain level, players are able to choose between a bandeja and vibora. But normally we always have a favorite move. Which one is yours ?

The aerial game at padel can be divided into several parts : defense blows to avoid losing the net, and attack blows to build or complete the point.

Among the attacks we have of course the smash, but there are also the viboras impacted while moving forward, often done with both feet on the ground.

Today we are going to focus on defensive shots. So we will talk about bandeja and viboras, impacted defensively, ie in suspension or during a race to the rear. We must therefore keep in mind that the place of impact will be higher than when we want to play these same shots with a view to attack.

Bela Bandeja wpt

First and foremost, our first tip would be for beginners or intermediate players. When you start your training with high balls, try to quickly identify which shot you make, if it is a bandeja or a vibora. Because trying to achieve both risks disturbing you when it comes time to play your match. So choose the move you are most comfortable with, and work it to make it a force. Over time you can focus on the second.

How to differentiate these 2 shots?

There are several factors that allow you to make a difference. First of all during the preparation. The racquet head will be away from the player's body when bandeja while it will be oriented towards the player's head for the vibora.


The other big difference concerns the effect, which will be cut for the bandeja because the goal will be to give a very weak rebound, and brushed with regard to the vibora, which will give venom to the ball by spinning it around the angles.

Finally, the body work. A vibora will work a lot with the arm, which will act as a whiplash at the moment of the impact while for the bandeja, which is played with an outstretched arm, the force must come from the action of the abdominal belt.


Which side of the track is more suitable for which shot?

This is often the question that arises. Right, being right handed, should I play a bandeja or a vibora ? The answer is already given above, but in logically, it would be better to play a bandeja for a right-handed person to the right and a vibora for a right-handed person on the left or a left-handed person on the right.

These two unique shots at padel are formidable weapons in your passage through the offensive position at the net. But be careful not to mix things up. The bandeja and the vibora are above all defensive shots that we use to not lose our position at the net. As you learn, learn to play with less speed, but more precision, more spin, more depth, so that your opponents cannot play the ball in front of them, which would allow them to come and put you under pressure , or worse, kick you out of the net.

Julien Bondia

Julien Bondia is a teacher of padel in Tenerife. He is the founder of, a software very popular with clubs and players of padel. Columnist and advisor, he helps you to play better through his many tutorials padel.