Wilson Padel and Fernando Belasteguin: We can a priori confirm that this collaboration is “almost” official. The two parties have yet to confirm this. However, many elements agree. What a saga!

With a new fact in particular: Fernando Belasteguin would have come to France last December to set up the development of new Wilson products and / or under his own brand of Bela by Wilson.

The latter works on the new padel product range, from shoes to textiles and padel rackets. Fernando Belasteguin's brand may not bear the name of Wilson, at least in the long term, but that of Fernando Belasteguin. (We anticipate the FB label)

This last element is not at all confirmed. But reports from Argentina and the US seem to confirm this.

A policy that is similar to that which exists between Roger Federer and Nike with the RF brand. At this stage, it is impossible for us to confirm until Wilson and Belasteguin officially confirm their merger.

The other element is the involvement of the former world number one at Wilson. Indeed, Bela should be part of the team that will set up all padel-related products, including beginner and intermediate rackets.

If the term product engineer is perhaps exaggerated, Bela should in any case be very involved in the padel ranges to come, including on leisure rackets.

The former equipment supplier of Fernando Belasteguin, Head, had certainly also had the opportunity to match Wilson's offer. If we analyze Head's press release on their separation after 10 years of collaboration, we imagine that Head had the opportunity to align with Wilson's offer (a contractual clause allowing it?) And thus allow Bela to continue the adventure at Head.

Head's press release suggests that “dstrategies differed". Everything is said according to us.

Some tracks. Investigation. And certainly errors of judgment. But anyway, we never would have talked so much about a player and his future equipment manufacturer.

It must be said that if the rumors and news tell the truth, the conditions of partnerships between Wilson and Bela would be quite unique in the history of padel.

Wilson / Bela: A contract of 1,8 million euros over 10 years

And meanwhile, Fernando Belasteguin plays polo, football and padel with his friend, the former professional tennis player, David Nalbandian… Note that in the photo we see him without his BELA X racket. first on a photo of this type.

Photo source: Bela's FB page

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.