Return to the third stage of the Betclic Remontada, which happened held at 4Padel of Orleans, to start the month of February in the best way.

Another superb atmosphere over the four days of the Betclic Remontada Padel in Orléans! Once again, more than 100 participants were present in the 6 categories.

Among the “Mucho”, Paul and Mathis, both in the French Top 200, easily qualified. They are already serious contenders for final victory.

Jérome attempted two comebacks to qualify for Paris. Defeated in the “Corpo”, he won the “Old school”, great perseverance!

In “Mixed Duo”, Jules and Eléna (49th French player) did not lose a single match and easily qualified.

Among the “Todo”, it was once again a father and a son who won. This is the pairing that works best in this category!

Among the “Old school”, one of the finals pitted the oldest pair (106 years old), who won 8 of their 10 matches against the youngest pair (83 years old), part of field 4!

12 pairs (record 14) won at least one match with a 5-point lead on the Betclic field and therefore won €20 of freebets for each player.

The record to beat in the Bombazo challenge by Babolat was not beaten. It is still 14,8 meters. Stage record: 13,4 meters.

We were celebrating a new Cupra activation: guessing the exact number of balls at a glance. Seven people found the right number (71). The people of Orléans have the compass in their eye!

Next stop in Rouen Petit Quevilly this weekend from February 8 to 11 with more than 200 participants expected!

All photos from the event HERE.

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