This has escaped no one's attention, this Thursday begins the World Padel Tour Master Final 2023, the last “Masters Tournament” in the history of the WPT.

And there are no less than ten players sponsored by Bullpadel will be present at Palau Sant Jordi to try to bring back the trophy. We will have: Martin Di Nenno, Paquito Navarro, Federico Chingotto and Juan Tello for the men, and Gemma Triay, Delfi Brea, Alejandra Salazar, Sofia Araujo, Claudia Jensen and the new Jessica Castello for the women.

For the occasion, the Spanish brand, official racket of the event, has decided to release not one pala, not two, not three but seven! In other words, all the brand's players will have a special racket for this event.

03 Hack

New Master Final and new color for the Hack from the already legendary Paquito Navarro. This time, the Andalusian's racket is adorned with black and navy blue for the most beautiful effect. A very “chic” color for the event of the year!

Vertex 04

The pala of Juan Tello and Martin Di Nenno (who will each have a racket signed with their name), will also offer a predominantly black color. It's definitely high class at Bullpadel !


Fede Chingotto will always have a rather dark colored pala for the last tournament of the season. A pala ultimately rather well matched to that of his teammate Paquito!

Vertex 04W

The pala used by Delfi Brea and Sofia Araujo will feature a light shade with a blue reminiscent of the logo of the World Padel Tour ! Like Tello and Di Nenno, Sofia and Delfi will each have a pala in their name.


Gemma Triay once again benefits from a very “girly” color, which will obviously delight the player from the Balearic Islands.


A bit like the gentlemen of the brand, the “boss” Alejandra Salazar sees her “weapon” adorned in black and a little gold. What could be more normal for the player who has won the competition the most times.


Finally, the young Claudia Jensen sees her Ionic sporting a color which resembles that of that of the other members of the “Team Bullpadel”, but with a youthful style adapted to his age.

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