The padel does not stop surprising by its development. " Since the beginning of the year, new projects and clubs have been growing like mushrooms "Says Jérôme Bécasset, President of the Padel Club de Lyon.

If the league of Lyonnais is very well endowed with already 5 clubs, the league Midi-Pyrenees closely follows it with its new centers including the Toulouse Padel Club which will be inaugurated next April.

The league of Languedoc has also become unavoidable. The Tennis Squash Club Mas offers 3 additional courses, making it a total of 6. The South of France Open (ATP 250) also hit a big blow for its 6e edition by proposing a new padel at the Montpellier Arena. Finally, the league will welcome at the end of October a new edition of the National Padel Cup.

Among the new clubs will soon be the Padel Riviera in Mougins, next to Cannes and the Padel Club Bois d'Arcy and 6 indoor fields in Yvelines. Marc Dessenis, Marketing Director of Soccer Park also announces " at least 3 new centers in the summer ».

In Provence, the club of Arbois WinWin-padel and its 16 fields have exceeded the 450 subscribers". Its president, Sébastien Caille, adds that " this development is only in its infancy "… it promises.

Rennes with its 2 big centers (Le Garden and Spot In), Lille and its now 3 padel centers with the Urban Foot, Padel Sensation and Padel Attitude that goes from 6 to 10 fields next May "The magnitude of the padel phenomenon Summarizes the co-founder of Padel Attitude, Thibaut Nollet.

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The padel tournaments approved by the FFT are multiplying all over France.
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As part of the ongoing training for tennis teachers, the FFT sets up initiations / padel training to:

  • Padel Central (Lyon): from 15 to 18 February
  • Club de l'Hers (Toulouse): 29 february at 3 march
  • Padel Attitude (Lille): 4 at the 7 April
Jerome Becasset

Jérôme Béasset is the Paquito Navarro of the team Padel Magazine. Offensive on all topics of the padel world, he comes back on many topics with an ever-attentive eye.