There will be not one but two P1000s on April 19,20 and 21 at Padel Horizon! Indeed, spectators who go to Sucy-en-Brie (78) will be able to attend a women's and men's competition. And for those who cannot go to Yvelines, it is sure Padel MagTV that things will happen!

But while waiting to see the matches, discover the registration lists. As you will see, things look set to be hot in the Paris region with notably among the men the presence of the best French player in history, Benjamin Tison, and a player from the French team, Jérôme Inzerillo. For his part, the Spaniard Boris Castro will form the 2nd seed with Cyril Hanouna, who will not be the only “celebrity” present at Padel Horizon. Indeed, we find the ex-footballer Bruno Cheyrou in qualifying, as well as the tennis player Maxime Hamou!





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