If you follow the padel for several years, you certainly already know that Carolina Navarro is a special player. World number 1 for nine years, the Malaga native has nothing left to prove in the world of padel. However, like Fernando Belasteguin, but still three years older, she continues to give everything to stay in the elite. And it works rather well as evidenced by the very good performance already achieved by the Swedish international and her young partner, the powerful left-hander Marina Guinart, in Saudi Arabia.

Indeed, these two players who grew up in the sun, and therefore do very well in the external Saudi conditions, will play a quarter-final this Thursday in Riyadh. After eliminating the tough Orsi and Lobo in the first round, Carolina and Marina inflicted a 6/2 6/2 on the 8 seed Las Heras / Iglesias in the eighth! If Barbara returns from injury, a fact the 48-year-old has did not fail to emphasize in his post-match Instagram publication, we are still dealing with a very good performance from this pair who mix experience and youth.

Today, Guinart and Navarro will have a very difficult match to play against Delfi Brea and Bea Gonzalez (TS2). Will they be able to create the first big surprise of the tournament for the ladies?

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