Cartri offers a brand new line of paleteros, backpacks and toiletry bags in carbon colors, so you can assert your character on and off the slopes.

It's back to school, and it might be the best time to do like the students and treat yourself to a brand new bag for padel.

Here is what the brand offers!



If you are looking for a paletero that is large, stylish, and very comfortable, look no further, the Arkon is made for you! With its numerous compartments, this all-purpose bag will allow you to take everything you need during your games, tournaments and even travel padel !

Paletero Shield Valder

You prefer gray to black and are looking for the most compact paletero possible. So Cartri has the solution with this Shield Valder, with many compartments and easy transport!

Amons bag

The brand has found the answer for those who always want to be the most stylish when they enter a club. padel. The latter is called Amons, and will allow you to have a classic type bag, but with plenty of storage allowing you to transport your pala safely and elegantly!


Are you the type who likes to travel light (but not too light) and you want an ultra-comfortable backpack that allows you to take everything you need with you? Cartri offers you not one but two options!


Shield Baldur

Revez toiletry bag

If you like to take care of yourself, you certainly don't have the attention to go on a trip without your toiletry bag. Cartri has thought of everything with this toiletry bag to match your bag!

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