This weekend, during the French Padel 2016 Championships at Padel Attitude, Clergue / Casanova (ladies) and Haziza / Scatena (men) have returned to France as padel champions. The southern leagues have also hit again. But in this parterre of sun, Mathieu Lapouge and Fabien Veber, the Parisians, passed through the meshes of the Provencal to get their ticket to the world of Lisbon. Back on this crazy weekend!

Laura Clergue / Audrey Casanova: The undisputed queens of French paddle

clergue-casanova-de-France champions-de-paddle 2016For the moment in the French landscape, the pair that hits every shot is the pair of the league of Provence Clergue / Casanova. They were imperial throughout the duration of the competition. Worse, they left nothing to their opponents. No tie-break to put in the tooth, no sets lost, games were mastered from start to finish. Their first opponent was therefore to fall into the deconcentration not to say at times in "a disconcerting ease". And they answered present.

Yet, on paper, there was the 2e French pair in half Godard / Sorel who had shown beautiful things since the beginning of the tournament but helpless against the power of the French n ° 1. In the final, we had Damiano / Berard, the surprising finalists that we did not expect at this stage of the competition and that gave a lot of trouble to the French champions padel ... But again, not enough to really put Clergue / Casanova in an indelicate position.

There is also the surprise Lovera / Pironneau who stops at the quarter stage against a very impressive pair: Collombon / Ginier. Two pairs Lyon for a place in half, and it is ultimately the less experienced who pass.

The pair Midi-Pyrenees Meites / Vidal had to say goodbye to this place for the world. They went to a super tie-break of the rescue. Match with the knife against the runners-up of France 2016. But Laurèn Berard's match made the difference thanks to her great regularity in the hot moments.

Haziza Scatena over the fray

If the pair Haziza / Scatena has again become the French champions padel, we see in the men, a competition that continues to climb. Pairs from all over France were able to show that there was room for them to qualify for the World Cup next November in Portugal. 4 places to take. And the least we can say is that there have been many battles on the courts of Lille club Padel Attitude.

In Pool A, the famous hen of death, 2 pairs are coming out in extremis: Ritz / Mannarino who could have seen his adventure stop there and Boulade / Gauthier not gone away either to be ousted from the final table . It is finally Morillon / Bergeron who pays the pots broken despite a very good level of play and the surprising pair Midi-Pyrenees Masse / Roumy whose walking was a little high in this hen for her.

Decidedly it was not necessary to be Lyon this weekend. How not to tell the story of the other pair of Lyon Authier / Lopes in Pool B since it passes a few games of a qualification. Indeed in this pool we had 3 pairs on equal points with Moreau / Bensadoun and Lepanse / Carité. And it is again a pair of Lyon who after counting the number of games won / lost will have to leave his place for the final table. If the last match won by Authier / Lopes has no direct consequence for her, she will have a terrible match on the pair Carité / Lepanse which suddenly was 2nd pool and therefore in the quarter-final against the French champions of padel against which they will not be able to do much.

Lapouge-veber-pair-North championship-the-world-of-paddleIn Pool D, Veber / Lapouge and Boissé / Devrand came out of the Nordic hen. But how can we not remember this crazy game for the place of 2e pool between Boissé / Devrand and the local pair Romanowski / Dulion. A match that ended in the super tie-break with points from the planet Romanowski!

In the quarter-finals, if all the matches have been close, the Boulade / Gauthier Vs Lapouge / Veber match will be a milestone. There too, a match that ended in the super tie-break and that allowed to send the Nordic pair to the halves! The pairs of the league Provence will remember these famous Gauls! Remember that it is also they who will block the road to the interregions Ferrandez / Fouquet.

Haziza-Scatena champions de France de paddle-2016

In the final, it is a final 100% azuréenne. Moreau / Bensadoun was able to show that she was a dangerous pair but not enough to beat French numbers.

The qualifiers at the padel world championships are:

In the ladies:Champion de France de paddle-2016
1 / Clergue / Casanova
2 / Damiano / Berard
3 / Godard / Sorel
4 / Collombon / Ginier

In gentlemen:
1 / Haziza / Scatena
2 / Moreau / Bensadoun
3 / Ritz / Mannarino
4 / Lapouge / Veber

Franck Binisti

Franck Binisti discovers the padel at the Pyramid Club in 2009 in the Paris region. Since then padel is part of his life. You often see him touring France by going to cover the big French paddle events.