Undefeated together, Arturo Coello and Agustin Tapia are already perhaps the biggest rivals of Galan and Lebron, yet they are only seeded 5 in the Premier Padel Qatar Major!

Winners of the numbers 1 in the final in Abu Dhabi, the two young players started the season with a bang. Seeded 2 in the Emirates, they find themselves seeded 5 in Qatar.

The reason is simple: although Arturo Coello is in third place in the FIP ranking, the fact that the Argentinian is “only” in twelfth place does not currently allow the pair to be among the first 4 heads of series.

Wondering why Tapia, number 3 on the WPT, is nine places behind in the International Federation rankings? Quite simply because the Argentinian only participated in three tournaments on the circuit financed by Qatar Sports Investments last season (out of eight offered). Indeed, he had chosen, after recommendation of its equipment supplier Nox to play initially only on the WPT. The Sanyo/Tapia pair only landed in August on Premier Padel, to play Madrid's P1, and then chose at the end of the season not to register for the New Giza P1 to save money.

In the end, despite a final in Mendoza and a semi-final in the Spanish capital, the Argentinians, who no longer play together but follow each other in the standings, are currently lagging behind their main rivals who had participated well in all of them. events last season! But that should change soon enough!

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