While Premier Padel prepare his 2024 season, are you wondering how much you can earn on a Major, P1 or P2?


There will be four of these tournaments in 2024, they will take place in Qatar, Italy, France and Mexico, and will each distribute €525 in prize money, with a nice sum for the winners: €000 each!


The second category of tournaments Premier Padel offers almost half as much money, with €250, including €000 for each of the winners, more than for the finalists of a Major.


Finally, the P2 category is the least prestigious, it gives half as much money as the P1 category. €125 in total prize money, and €000 for each of the winners. Note that the P12 tables have 500 pairs less than those of the Major!

As you will see below, FIP Tour tournaments pay out much less money.

Note that these amounts date from 2023 and that they concern the male category. If this document is to be believed, there could be an increase in rewards from the coming season.

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