You started the padel not long ago and you want to know the names of all the moves padel ?

Aladdin Total Padel gives you the names of the most important shots specific to this sport and explains them to you in pictures.

You don't know what a bandeja, a vibora, a Par 3, a Par 4, a roller at the grid, a bajada wall, a willy, a dejada, a hit cadet, a domilona or an counterpaired ?

Take a look at the video below and in less than three minutes our sport's most iconic shots will be gone for you. All you have to do is go work on them on the track!

Xan is a fan of padel. But also rugby! And his posts are just as punchy. Physical trainer of several padel, he unearths atypical posts or deals with topical subjects. It also gives you some tips to develop your physique for the padel. Clearly, he imposes his offensive style as on the field of padel !