Quarantine is not an excuse to remain inactive. Every day we offer you a session to do at home in order to arrive in top form when resuming padel.

After Veronica Virseda's physical training yesterday, another World Padel Tour player is being honored today: Teresa Navarro. We take back the racket today to have a maximum of sensations when the tournaments will resume.

On this training, the 22nd player in the world uses her garage to work the low balls, before and after the wall. It's time to do like it, and take advantage all squat sessions that we have given you.

If, like many of us, you can't practice in a garage, you can always use a small corner of the wall somewhere, or just focus on some of the work. As you will see in the video, there are lots of ways to do the work on the bass balls!

Video credit: Instagram Teresa Navarro


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