As chairman of the Commission of padel from Pays de la Loire, Cyrille Gasse was present in Carquefou to attend the first P2000 of the season. He shares with us his experiences, his observations on the growth of padel and his plans for the future.

Exponential growth leading to saturation.

I am president of the Commission padel of Pays de la Loire for three years now. During this mandate, I witnessed exponential growth in padel In the region. This growth is reflected not only in the number of structures dedicated to padel but also in the growing public interest and the number of competitors. It’s a period of growing popularity.

As president, I have observed an increase in the number of structures in our region. However, this rapid development has also led to notable saturation. THE existing structures are completely saturated, which often makes it difficult for players to find slots. This highlights a need for new facilities to meet growing demand from practitioners.

Faced with this saturation, several initiatives are underway to extend infrastructure in Pays de la Loire. For example, in Mayenne, the Departmental Council took the initiative to finance new trails. This represents a change, especially in departments where tracks are currently insufficient. Each department has its own approach, but the common objective is to develop more structures to respond to the growing enthusiasm for padel.

Involve your students in research against noise

As professor of physics and chemistry and president of the Commission of padel, I found a way to link these two aspects. I designed an educational project where my students study acoustics in the context of padel. This study involves an in-depth analysis of the materials used in the construction of tennis courts and racquets. padel, as well as their impact on the sound environment.

Students carry out acoustic measurements and study how different factors, such as the proximity of homes or the presence of natural obstacles such as trees, can influence the sound level. We also address the issue of noise pollution, particularly relevant for training grounds. padel outdoors. Students are encouraged to think about innovative solutions to minimize acoustic impact, such as using sound-absorbing materials or designing noise-reducing walls.

Promote the practice for young people and women

In my mission to promote padel, I particularly focus on increasing the participation of women and young people. The “Pad’elles” circuit was created to encourage women to participate in competitions. This includes not only organizing specific events but also creating a welcoming and supportive environment. For young people, our goal is to establish schools of padel throughout the region. We work with clubs to encourage them to invest in youth training to develop players' skills from an early age. These initiatives aim to establish a solid foundation for the future of padel in the Pays de la Loire.

Dorian Massy

New follower of padel, I am fascinated by this dynamic sport which combines strategy and agility. I find in the padel a new passion to explore and share with you on Padel Magazine.