Changes are occurring on the planet padel, and after the announcement of separation of Edu Alonso and Juanlu Esbri this Tuesday, we say that several pairs will be expected after Madrid. We'll explain it to you.

This Tuesday the registration lists for the World Padel Tour Madrid Master, which will take place next week. We were able to see in particular that Momo Gonzalez will now evolve with Javi Garrido, and that Sanyo will join forces with his nephew Agustin Gutiérrez.

We also note that Edu Alonso and Juanlu Esbri have decided to participate in the Madrid tournament, having just announced that they were putting an end to their pairing this morning. Furthermore, we note that Lucas Campagnolo, not sufficiently recovered from his injury, is not going to play this tournament which takes place in his city of residence.

The Brazilian, who will not continue with Javi Garrido, as we said earlier, will therefore return to the slopes with another player.

So we have three players, Alonso, Esbri and Campagnolo, who will have a new partner after Madrid. Will two of them team up? This seems quite possible unless other changes come after the Madrid tournament. We then say that two possibilities are available to the “Toro de Alegrete”: stay on the right and play with Esbri, or move back to the left and evolve with Alonso.

But seen from latest videos of the Brazilian on Instagram, it seems that the most likely thing is that he stays on the right. We really wouldn't be surprised to see him alongside Esbri in the future.

If so, who will Alonso play with after the Madrid Masters? Difficult to know, but we say to ourselves that there should still be a small wave of changes with perhaps also Javi Rico involved, who we do not necessarily imagine lasting forever alongside Rafa Mendez.

Let's see what the next few weeks have in store for us, but one thing is certain: it promises to be exciting for transfer window fans!

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