If you are a true fan of padel, you obviously know the Aero-Star range from Dunlop, used in particular by the powerful Ramiro Moyano.

As you might expect, Dunlop's Aero-Star range emphasizes attack. In total, these are five models created especially to meet the needs of offensive players of all kinds.

Aero-Star Pro

This is the pala of Ramiro Moyano. It stands out for its rigid feel, made possible thanks to the 16K carbon / Eva Pro foam combination, its relatively high weight (370 grams) and its head balance. It is made for advanced to professional level players who want to take advantage of their offensive palette.

Aero star

If you are an advanced attacking player but feel that the Aero-Star Pro is a little too demanding for you, here is the Aero Star, which has many similarities to the Pro version. The big difference is that this version is a little lighter (365g) and the weight is less distributed towards the head. You should therefore expect a little less power in attack, but a little more maneuverability!

Aerostar Lite

A version specially created for ladies, the Lite has a soft foam and a featherweight to allow the female public to enjoy themselves without risk. This racket employed by professional players Teresa Navarro and Marta Caparros will guarantee you a good dose of comfort and maneuverability and power to finish thanks to the 16k carbon on the faces!

Aero-Star Team

This is the slightly softer version of the Aero-Star. Indeed, if it shares with it the Pro Eva foam and a weight of 365 grams, it does not have 16k carbon on the sides, which will give it a slightly less dry feel. It will appeal to players who still want to improve a little before wanting to move to the next level.

Aero-Star Junior

We don't forget the young people, with this racket which, as its name suggests, is perfectly suited to juniors. Thanks to its featherweight (320g), its teardrop shape, its soft foam and its graphite faces, it will offer comfort, safety and maneuverability to young budding champions.

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