It was during a sunny day in November that I had the joy of meeting Kristina Clément, Export Manager at Nox for more than five years. With her, I formed close ties, particularly during fascinating discussions on equipment, technologies and padel in general.

The more than warm welcome took place at the Aixois Country Club, graciously orchestrated by Tristan Barre, in the company of my faithful companion Yossi. Kristina had brought the brand new 2024 collection from Nice, which meant we had no shortage of work. I will now reveal my top 3 to you, and as you will see, these are clearly models that are not the ones we most expected!


The Equation Advanced 2024: exceptional performance

On the third step of the podium, the Equation Advanced 2024 won unanimous support due to its exceptional performance in this price category.

With fiberglass faces, it offers remarkable ball release, complemented by the famous HR3 rubber, a Nox reference for many years. With a round shape and a perfectly distributed weight balance, it surprised me with its maneuverability and its power during strikes, two characteristics that I did not expect at all.

From a visual point of view, it stands out for its refinement, displaying a palette of warm and welcoming colors, in particular a gradient of orange which matches harmoniously with the black background.


Recognized as the best racket in padel for mid-level players by the Swedish company Test fact, a prestigious firm specializing in independent evaluations of product quality and performance, the Equation received the highest score in the comparison. In its in-depth analysis, Testfakta highlights several aspects of the Equation that have a direct impact on gaming, such as comfort, ease of handling, control, while preserving “relatively high hitting power” .

Unfailing robustness

In terms of product quality, the Equation stands out with exceptional frame robustness and maintains its performance after extensive durability and stress resistance testing.
The independent Swedish firm gives it an average score of 8,4/10, the highest among the ten rackets analyzed, even outperforming models at a much higher price.


The Swedish cabinet and Test Padel evaluated the rackets on several criteria:

  • Getting started
  • To touch
  • Vibration
  • Sweet-spot
  • Ball exit
  • Engime
  • Sustainability
  • Frame breakage
  • Breaking of faces

The sensations of the game

I was impressed by this reference which allowed me to execute viboras with great confidence, bajadas with a certain relaxation, and smashes with a power that I would not have imagined.

In motion it feels great, with excellent maneuverability, although accuracy can be slightly compromised during more powerful shots.

In defensive situations or in delicate positions, it accomplishes its task thanks to the combination of HR3 rubber and 3K fiberglass faces which propel the ball with disconcerting serenity.

It should be noted that the rough texture is achieved by using transparent 3D sheets and honeycomb relief on the last layer of the racket face. This promotes better grip on the ball and generates more spin.


We find SmartStrap technology allowing the fleece cord to be personalized for increased hygiene and safety, as well as the AVS vibration absorption system, the frame is completed by DCS technology, reducing fiber breakage when hitting the ball with the exterior parts of the frame.

Focus on “punto dulce”

A crucial element of a racket padel is what we call the sweet spot, the point of the racket where we obtain the best impact in terms of strength, precision and comfort.

The Nox Equation offers a Sweet spot surprisingly located in the center of the head, which makes hitting easier by reducing pressure on the wrist and elbow.


A sweet spot positioned like this tends to offer better control to less experienced players, although it may result in less power on decisive smashes.


The Pala Equation Advanced 2024 presents itself as the ultimate choice for intermediate players looking for a racquet that offers an exceptional balance between control and power.

It benefits from advanced technologies and officially certified quality, guaranteeing optimal performance in the field.

It is positioned as a racket without real defects, bringing together everything the basic player is looking for in order to play each shot in optimal conditions.

Its exceptional touch, attributable to 3K fiberglass, and its large sweet-spot result from the integration of an HR3 rubber proven over the years, ensuring unrivaled response to each strike.

It is ideal for intermediate players looking to improve their skills, while also satisfying advanced players wanting to add more flexibility to their game.

In the next article, I will present to you the racket which won second place, just behind the champion, which will conclude the Nox file!

Stéphane Penso

Fan of padel, Stéphane has become the official tester of the planet padel in Europe. Everything goes through his expert hands. Thanks to his extensive experience in the snowshoeing world, he is able to scan your gear from head to toe!