A tournament organized at Roland-Garros, a bronze medal at the World Championships for men and an explosion in the number of members, all is well for the padel French in 2022! But what are the next steps? Éric Largeron, the elected official in charge of padel for the French Tennis Federation, confided in our microphone. 

P1500: a new category of premium tournaments

The French Tennis Federation already has 22 members 000% padel. A number that continues to grow and has managed to capture 1 additional licensees in less than 000 weeks. A figure which does not however count all the players of padel who have a multi-racket license.

To delight all these players, and in particular the sharpest, the FFT is thinking about setting up a new tournament format: the P1500.

This format expected by the best players should be put in place from 2023. Éric Largeron also affirmed that mentalities were changing more and more and that the reluctance he observed for a time at the National Council of Padel gradually dissipated.

« The idea is to restore prestige to high-level tournaments. The latter was somewhat lost with the multiplication of P1000 »He explains to us.

In fact, this will translate into 4 to 5 competitions in the year. The only difficulty will be to find dates that will allow a maximum of high-level players to participate because the multiplication of WPT, APT and Premier Padel make the organization of such an event more difficult.

Guichard Blanque P2000 Toulouse

Go from 10 to 15 tournaments of padel counted

The development of a competition guide padel is in the small papers. The objective would be to increase the number of tournaments taken into account by the FFT. Concretely, the idea would be to go from 10 to 15 tournaments.

Éric Largeron confides that a revision of the points allocation system is possible so that they reflect as much as possible the performance of the players in the tournaments.

The logical sequence is to develop the padel female still underrepresented. In fact, only 15% of women have started to compete against 32% in tennis.

The other axis of development will focus on young people. Lagging behind other major countries in padel, who are " France must accompany the prodigies of tomorrow. In sum, 2022 was historic and 2023 looks even more promising. “Concludes the elected official in charge of padel.  

It will be necessary to wait until December 16 so that all the subjects are definitively validated by the COMEX.