As we told you previously, the FIP Platinum Sardegna promises to offer us a high level, with some of the best players in the world who will make the trip to Italy.

In addition to the Gonzalez/Garrido and Capra/Sanchez duos, we will also be treated to ephemeral pairs who will want to lay down the law in Sardinia. We think of the old association which will be reformed for the duration of a tournament, Javi Rico/Coki Nieto, and of a new pairing: Yanguas/Chingotto.

The Andalusian and the Argentinian, who have never played together before, will form the 1st seed in this tournament. At the moment we do not know who will play on the left. If Yanguas, from his height of 90 meters, seems best suited for the position, Chingotto, despite his small size, impressed in this regard at the WPT Master Final 2022!

Other high-quality pairs are entered in the competition, which will offer us a table worthy of the best WPT Challenger or Open 500. We are thinking of Leal/Diestro, Bergamini/Ruiz, Gil/Moyano, Arroyo/Rubio…

With such a level, we do not find any French in the main draw. The pairs Tison/Garcia, Moreau/Salandro, Guichard/Cattaneo, Leygue/Insa and Inzerillo/Maigret all starting in previas. Qualifications in which Tino Libaak and Leo Augsburger will act as scarecrows!

Find the list of registered HERE.

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