All the results of the two French pairs entered in the FIP Rise Monaco and FIP Rise Sweden III fell… with a little disappointment.

Although there is always disappointment when you lose in the semi-final, Adrien Maigret et Julien Seurin can be satisfied with their journey during FIP Rise Sweden III, where they managed to reach the semi-finals.

Unfortunately, in their match today, they were unable to topple both Melendez brothers. A first set hung on, ultimately lost 7/5 by French players, in this meeting. The second was more complicated for Adrien and Julien who lost it 6/2.

End of the Swedish adventure for Adrien Maigret et Julien Seurin.

Maigret Seurin Brothers Melendez

As for Monaco now, things are still going just as well for Bastien Blanqué et Dylan Guichard who won in their quarter-final against Jose Roman Martinez Sanchis (121) and Borja Yribarren Abecia (215).

For now, both frenchies have not lost a single set. It is therefore quite logical that they find the semi-finals of this first edition of FIP Rise Monaco.

They are now waiting for their opponents. Dylan and Bastien will meet the winners of the meeting Geens/Cassetta – Peeters/Azzola. They will play in the second rotation of the day, around 11 p.m.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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