Le FIP Rise Bourg-en-Bresse began this Tuesday with the first round of qualifying. Of the three pairs entered, only one won.

The first meeting on the central track saw the Spaniards Garcia and Nuñez dominate Courrin and Faure in two sets: 6/3 6/4.

Behind, it was Moyne and Gerson who were defeated by two other Spaniards, Moragues and Aragon: 6/0 6/3.

Fortunately, Rouanet and Sanchez saved the honor for the Tricolores, with a victory again in two sets: 6/2 6/3 against the British Weller and Dollimore. Tomorrow, Norman and Nicolas will try to avenge Courrin and Faure: they face Garcia and Nuñez in the second round.

Note that the meeting which was to take place between the Dutch pair Groen / Groen and the Swiss pair Cailler / Bourquin did not take place, the Swiss pair having finally withdrawn from the competition.

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