All the French are now behind the Franco-Belgian pair at FIP ​​Rise in Koksijde, Belgium.

Among the girls, seven tricolors were involved in the competition, but in the end only four of them went to Belgium. Indeed, the Invernon/Barsotti and Detriviere/Soleymani duos finally forfeited before the start of the tournament.

And among the four tricolors present in Koksijde, only Laura Buteau remains, who qualified for the quarter-finals with Marie Maligo. The Franco-Belgian pair today faces the seeded 3, composed of the Dutch Betz and the Portuguese Fernandes.

As you will see below, the Franco-English pair Touly / Norton, seeded 5, were eliminated by the Belgians Boeyken and Bernard for their entry into the running. For their part, Mélissa Martin and Louise Bahurel spent a lap before losing to the British Gibson and Nicholas.

We're not going to lie to you, it was clearly not the dream tournament for the two tricolor pairs engaged in the FIP Rise in Koksijde for the men. Indeed, the duos Barateau / Lacoste and Grué / Forcin took the door as soon as they entered the running, with defeats in two straight sets (6/0 6/0 and 6/3 6/2).

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