Thomas Vanbauce et Maxime Joris confirmed their current great form, after taking out the 2 seed, by qualifying for the quarter-finals of the FIP Rise Nola. This time, the French defeated Manuel Rocafort Lores (159) and Federico Dip Nazar (403).

The meeting was a little more eventful today for Thomas Vanbauce and Maxime Joris. The two French players were on cloud nine after their victory against Solbes/Marti, two Spaniards from the world Top 70. But against Rocafort Lores / Dip Nazar, the Frenchies almost disillusioned.

A complicated first set

Thomas and Maxime started this meeting a little timidly, being surprised by a very good level of play from their opponents. Finally, they got broken in this set and lost the first round, 6/3.

The French unfold

However, the Vanbauce / Joris pair did not give up and returned to the charge after the loss of the first act. Far from being defeated, Maxime and Thomas have raised their level of play, totally destabilizing their opponents. They got an entry break and didn't let go of the set. They even went for a double-break, allowing them to take the second set: 6/2.

In the third set, nothing could stop the French. Opposite, the pair Rocafort Lores / Dip Nazar are disappointed and it was felt in the body language. Maxime Joris and Thomas Vanbauce were back on cloud nine and continued. Ultimately, they won the set 6/0 and qualified for the quarter-finals.

Thomas and Maxime will play again this evening, for their quarter-final. They are still waiting for their opponents, the winners of the meeting Simone Cremona (120) / Lorenzo Di Giovanni (126) (TS6) – Joaquin Mazzeo Rubi (327) / Carlos Miguel Pelaez Suarez (470).

As for their first meetings, you will be able to follow the match, in full and liveOn Padel MagTV.

Gwenaelle Souyri

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