Only three of the fourteen tricolors present at the first round of FIP Star Perugia will see the second round of the competition.

There are only three French people left in Perugia, and two of them qualified to the detriment of other French... Indeed, Élodie Invernon and Francesca Ligotti disposed of Mélissa Martin and Bruna Melo (6/3 6/2), while Max Moreau and Jacobo Cendon won a big fight against Manu Vives and Julien Seurin (6/7 7/5 6/4).

The other Frenchwoman who will see the second round is none other than Carla Toully, who won with her Dutch partner Rosalie Van Der Hoek against the Spaniards Lopez and Sanz (7/5 3/6 6/3). Thanks to this success, the Franco-Dutch pair will cross swords with the Italians Pappacena and Marchetti (TS3) in the next round. For their part, Élodie and Francesca face the 4th seed made up of the Dutch Koek and Weterings in the next round, while Max and Jacobo will face Ignacio Sager and Mario Del Castillo (TS3), who beat Jérémy Scatena and Max Deloyer (6/3 6/3). (All these matches are played this evening and you can follow the evolution of the scores via the FIP website).

Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanked also lost with a score of 6/3 6/3 against Christian Medina Murphy and Belar Vera. Also lose in two sets to Barsotti / Montesi against Dubins / Vicente (6/3 6/2), for Maigret / Brand against Araujo / Cassetta (7/6 6/3), for Sireus / Rodriguez against Arellano / Castillo (6/3 6/2) and for Inzerillo / Geens against Barbosa / Romera (7/6 6/0).

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