This Tuesday begins the FIP Star in Puebla, Mexico. Six French people will try to make a move in this tournament which seems promised to the big favorites Ramiro Moyano and Xisco Gil.

Part of the French FIP Tour delegation is flying to Mexico to play the FIP Star in Puebla. In this competition reserved for men, there are two 100% French pairs, and two Franco-Spanish duos. And three of these four pairs are among the top seeds!

Thomas Leygue and Ferran Insa (TS4), sacred in Türkiye, will try to continue their good momentum. They will be favorites in their first round against locals Montaño and Montoya.

Bastien Blanqué and Dylan Guichard (TS7) face the brother of the whimsical Tolito Aguirre, Ariel, and his partner Nicolas Crosio.

Max Moreau and Jacobo Cendon (TS8) will face the Portuguese Miguel Oliveira and the Argentinian Maximiliano Cejas, players that we have seen in recent seasons on the A1 Padel.

Thomas Vanbauce and Dorian De Meyer also play a first round against players familiar with the circuit of Fabrice Pastor, Amilcar Bejarano and Luis Barrientos.

Find the table just below:

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