It's a great week of competition ahead on the FIP Tour with three FIP Rises where the French will be present in large numbers.

Les Bleues invade Nola’s FIP Rise

After her second round at P2 in Puerto Cabello, Carla Touly returns to the FIP Rise in Nola in Italy with Jessica Ginier-Barbier. The French pair are seeded number seven in the table and will have a quiet first round against an Italian team benefiting from a wild-card, Pisano/Scaringi.

In the other part of the table, Charlotte Soubrié and Lucile Pothier receive a similar draw against two transalpine guests. Things would then get complicated for the French who could face Llobera/Cano, seeded five. Meanwhile, Wendy Barsotti and Louise Bahurel would face a similar challenge against the number four seeds, if they manage to defeat Spaniards Sanchez Vera and Alvarez Maestre in the first round.

Among the Gentlemen, Maxime Joris and Thomas Vanbauce go to Campania after their second round reached in Monaco. The two men will have to create the feat as soon as they enter the competition against residents of the FIP Top 100: Carlos Marti (77th) and Miguel Angel Solbes (63rd), seeded two in the tournament.

Guichard/Blanqué continues in Mexico

Very close to the title on the Rock, Dylan Guichard and Bastien Blanqué are leaving this week for a new FIP Rise in Metepec. The French, seeded three, are among the favorites in Mexico and are therefore exempt from the first round. The two men have a good chance to play to make their way to the final where Antonio Luque (70th) and Pedro Araujo (141st) could await them.

However, let's not forget the 2 seed of the tournament, Vera / Medina who won at the wire last Saturday at FIP ​​Rise Cairo facing Bergeron / Moreau in the final and who could find themselves on the road to Blanqué / Guichard in the semi-final.

Sireix and Ligi on the attack in Spain

Camille Sireix returns to the FIP circuit this week after his success at the P1500 in Créteil. Associated with Fiona Ligi, she will compete in the FIP Rise of Isla de la Palma. On Spanish soil, the French will have a difficult first match to play against the locals Pozuelo and Sanz. In case of victory, things would get a little more complicated for Sireix and Ligi, since they would fall to the six seeds.

Martin Schmuda

A competitive tennis player, Martin discovered the padel in 2015 in Alsace and appeared in a few tournaments in Paris. Today a journalist, he deals with current affairs padel while continuing its rise in the world of the little yellow ball!