Andoni Bardasco and Iñaki Loredo are among the essentials in Spain. The experience of the founders of the academy Padel Stuff in Bilbao is very important both on the amateur and professional side.

They return on many topics related to current events and internships.

Hope there is more competition between nations before 2030

It would be really great if other nations can challenge the dominance of Spain and Argentina at the top of the padel before 2030. This would be the best way for the European public to be more concerned with competition, which would make the roots of the padel stronger in these countries.

Among the women, we can already find Portuguese, French or Italian women in the top 50: this shows that the way is open and that a n°1 who is neither Spanish nor Argentine could arrive faster than expected.

On the other hand, among the men, there are only Spaniards, Argentines or Brazilians among the top 50 ranked. This suggests that it will probably take perhaps almost 10 years to see other nationalities make it to the top of the rankings.

Foreign students often more motivated than Spaniards

Basically, there are a few aspects that make a clear difference between Spanish students and foreign students.

Indeed, foreigners have a much greater motivation than local customers. This is due to the fact that they follow a teaching that is impossible to find at home, so they want to take advantage of every minute shared with us on the pitch.

To classify our students, we could distinguish three categories:

  • players with an advanced level who are looking for tools to boost their level of padel.
  • teachers/coaches who want to improve their knowledge and acquire new ones, which can be complicated at home.
  • amateur practitioners who are on vacation in the region, or who want to practice padel the main activity of their stay with their family or friends. During the days they spend with us, they have the opportunity to do as much as possible and discover very interesting tools that make them see the padel in a different way.
Inaki Loredo

Padel Stuff : a complete service in several languages

We try to offer a complete service, to put the students in an atmosphere of trust that allows them to make the most of the sessions, without ever forgetting that they are on vacation in a magnificent place.

To help develop this atmosphere, we offer our services in three languages: Spanish, English and French. This allows students to focus 100% on the sporting aspect.

Bilbao: from padel but not only…

Bilbao is the main place where our courses take place. It is a really pretty city, very varied, and with an ideal climate for the practice of sport; not too hot in summer, not too cold in winter.

In terms of tourism, it is a very rich region with beautiful museums, including the Guggenheim, as well as incredible beaches, nearby mountains to stroll... For sports fans, our football and basketball teams make the show in the region in modern stadiums… not to be missed!

And let's not forget that the Basque Country is well known throughout the world for its gastronomy.

Equip yourself with tools to not stay on your laurels

Most important for the padel continues to grow at the current rate, it is to acquire the tools to allow the level and skills to rise.

This is what will lead practitioners to want more and more to play and participate in different events of padel.

Le padel is a sport that has a special attraction: as soon as you test yourself at padel, we can quickly succeed in making some exchanges and having fun. It is the most important. But it is a sport that also has its specificities and requirements. For example, we see many players, with approximate gestures and which can be the cause of injury. Staying on what you have learned is a choice, but if you want to progress, preserve yourself and last over time, take lessons, do an internship!

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Inaki Loredo

Iñaki is one of the founders of Padel Stuff, an agency dedicated to internships padel in Europe. The lover of padel allows us to discover or better understand certain facets of padel Europeans.