Currently 56th in the French rankings, Cyril Hanouna is now 395 points from 50th place. Can the man with 83 tournaments played over the last 12 months enter the Top 50 soon?

For the moment, we cannot say that the host of Touche pas à mon poste is on a very good dynamic in 2024. Of course, he took full advantage of the victory of his club Casa Padel at the Nationale 1 Interclubs to stock up on points, but behind, he didn't really shine. Indeed, Cyril suffered two defeats in the first round, first in the P1000 from Montreuil, with Boris Castro, then at that of Troyes, with Adrien Maigret.

Despite first-rate partners, Cyril is not really succeeding at the start of the year. In this context, will he be able to score the 395 points that separate him from the Top 50? It’s up to you to tell us!

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