Interviewed by our colleagues at Relevo, Franco Stupaczuk returned to a subject that gets players talking: the 2024 ranking on the Premier Padel.

This has not escaped anyone: the Premier Padel will absorb the World Padel Tour next season, and after two years of coexistence the two circuits will soon become one.

Exit the WPT and make way for a new ranking, which, as we told you a few weeks ago, greatly favors stamped proofs Premier Padel. Indeed, the 2022 and 2023 results on the circuit financed by QSI will be taken into account, in addition to three additional events which could be from the WPT or the FIP Tour. For the stars of padel world, these will therefore be the three best results of the 2023 season on the World Padel Tour.

Thus, Franco Stupaczuk and Martin Di Nenno, who are still in the running to finish the season in first place on the WPT, will be, if Lebron and Galan stay together in 2024, the third pair on the world circuit. Indeed, the Spaniards, victorious in five of the eight tournaments in 2022, will likely be ahead of the Superpibes in the ranking.

A situation that Stupa, who has decided to continue with Di Nenno next season, does not really approve of:

“Next year's ranking system is unfair to us. Next year we are going to be the third pair despite all the points we currently have. We can't reward Galan and Lebron for the points they earned in 2022. We have to reward those who are at the top right now, whether it's us or Agustín and Arturo.”

Agree with Franco?

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