Alors que le Head Padel Open is currently taking place at MyCenterPalavas In Palavas les Flots, meticulous work is done behind the scenes to ensure the smooth running of the tournament. Francois Lorenzo, referee of this event, shares with us an overview of his mission.

First, can you tell us about your relationship with the padel ?

“I come first from the world of tennis! Being of Spanish origin, I had the opportunity to discover the padel and follow its development. At first glance, I was not particularly attracted. However, my opinion changed when I discovered the diversity of the game, the movements on and off the court. I started practicing in 2013. Two years later, I took over the management of the Palavas club, which at the time was exclusively dedicated to tennis. In April 2016, we introduced the padel Montpellier. Today, there are eight pitches in Palavas, four of which will soon be covered. I am also the organizer of many tournaments for four to five years, which include different categories (men, women, mixed).”

What makes this Head Padel Open so special?

The teams come from afar! There is a significant competitive aspect because the tournament offers many prizes.

The winning duo wins €2000, but even the first eliminated leave with a prize. It is one of the most generously endowed tournaments in France.

Even the P2000s offer lesser prices. Access to the tournament is not free: it was necessary to go through qualifying tournaments, often P250.

We are waiting for this weekend top 100 players who, according to the rules, had to choose much lower ranked teammates in order to participate.

However, beware: their ranking is not always representative of their true level of play."

Find the registrants HERE:

Mathis Siourd

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