Track Premier Padel by MejorSet has become a benchmark for Full Panoramic tracks. Frédéric Dumont, one of the founders of France Padel and representative of the Spanish company in France, tells us how this famous track was born and its strong points:

Premier Padel launched a competition won by MejorSet

“The new professional circuit of padel, Premier padel, needed a single central track for its racing competitions. padel. And MejorSet participated in the competition opened by Premier Padel.

Based on the already existing Full Panoramic track, the Spanish brand has thought about distinguishing itself even more from the competition. MejorSet came up with this new form of LED floor lamp and worked on a detail that shows the attention to the smallest detail and care for the player, which gave birth to the idea of ​​Shock Lock.

When the brand thought about high-level sports performance, power and the exclusive look of a limited edition, MejorSet took inspiration from the automotive sector to create the hydraulic compression system that absorbs the player's impacts.”

Advanced technologies

Frédéric Dumont, from France Padel continues:

“At the heart of the field Premier Padel is a fusion of advanced technology and meticulous craftsmanship, resulting in a playing surface that redefines standards. One of the key innovations is the use of Shock Lock technology, an exclusive system designed to absorb the impact of players on the walls and minimize structural vibrations during intense games. This revolutionary feature not only improves player safety, but also extends the life of the pitch, ensuring long-lasting performance.

The Full Panoramic design of the land offers unparalleled visibility and aesthetic appeal. What makes this terrain truly unique and aesthetically superior to others is the gold finish details. The design of the court is distinguished by gold-colored pieces, adding a touch of prestige and high-end.

Made with tempered glass panels and lamp posts strategically positioned to resemble half tennis rackets padel, this design maximizes natural light while maintaining an immersive gaming environment.”