During the pandemic, the Swedish they too had to get used to new lifestyles, with webcams, alcohol and video equipment as their favorite purchases. padel, according to the Prisjakt survey.

Prisjakt, a Swedish price comparator, carried out a study on the consumption habits of Swedes in 2020, the year of the pandemic.

Radical changes in habits!

Radical crisis, inevitably radical changes for all the inhabitants of the planet. The Swedes have also seen their habits turned upside down with this sudden and unpredictable event of the Covid-19 crisis.

In March 2020, there was a spectacular increase in purchases of certain products:

  • Webcams: 1%
  • Thermometers: 940%
  • Alcohols and Spirits: 470%.
  • Sextoys: 208%
  • Office chairs: 330%

Le padel among the favorite activities of Swedes!

Strict confinement has left its mark and the Swedes, great sportsmen at heart, have spent a lot of time outside as soon as the opportunity arises.

racket shop padel dirtyilles perpignan

Thus, still according to Prisjakt, the 4 favorite activities of the Swedes in 2020 were sports. And among them we find of course the padel (in addition to basketball, hiking, and golf). First of all, it is proof once again that it is sport in fashion in Sweden. Then, the fact that a price comparator identifies many purchases related to the padel This is obviously a very good thing for hardware vendors and manufacturers who were able to take advantage of the explosion in this market in an inevitably special year.


source: nyheter24.se

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