The step was too high today for Max Moreau and Mauro Agustin Salandro. The Franco-Italian pair lost 6-1, 4-6, 6-1 to Spaniards Hernandez and Jimenez. This defeat signals the end of French hopes in previas: no Frenchman will have managed to reach the final table of the Greenweez Paris Major, third Major of the season Premier Padel.

The disappointment is great, no first round for Max Moreau and Mauro Agustin Salandro. The Franco-Spanish pair lacked consistency on Monday. A checkered performance which benefited his opponents of the day who were nevertheless off to a bad start during the decisive 3rd set, because they were trailing by a break.

Unfortunately for our Frenchman, Hernandez and Jimenez maintained their level of play until the end of the match. The latter chained 6 games in a row to win 6-1 in the last set. The severe score in the two lost sets does not really reflect this match where the Moreau/Salandro pair still won 44% of the points. The desire to do well in front of a Chatrier audience totally committed to his cause was unfortunately not enough. Max, obviously disappointed not to not having obtained wild-card for main board, will not have succeeded in qualifying for the first round…

Now, it's time for the start of the main draw on Chatrier, with the entry of Wendy Barsotti and Elodie Invernon against the Fassio/Rodriguez pair.