The Austrian racket sports company, HEAD, proudly announced the renewal of Andrea Ustero's contract as well as the signing of Juan Zamora, nicknamed “Coquito”. These talented young players already benefit from an impressive sporting record despite their young age.

Andrea Ustero joined the family HEAD Padel two years ago and the brand is delighted to continue this collaboration. For its part, Coquito is now associated with HEAD Padel for the rest of his career.

HEAD Padel is delighted to promote the careers of these two young world champions, who are only 16 years old.

Champion seed!

Andrea Ustero was the big surprise of the tournament World Padel Tour Marbella Master when she made her debut and scored one of the tournament's most iconic points, one that will be remembered for a long time.

At just 16, she already has an impressive track record, being world champion, European champion in 2022 with the Spanish team, and three-time Spanish champion in the youth category. She was also world champion in 2019.

The Catalan player, originally from Castellbisbal, started with tennis and moved on to padel at the age of eight.

Andrea Ustero

She currently plays with the Gravity Motion, a round-shaped, lightweight, comfortable and easy-to-maneuver racquet that features a different design on each side and incorporates Auxetic technology for a softer feel.

Regarding its renewal with HEAD, Andrea, a rising star of the padel feminine, said: “Several brands noticed my potential, but I decided to stay with HEAD because it is the brand that inspires me the most confidence and that has always shown great interest in my career.”

Moreover, HEAD is also the sponsor of her favorite player, Paula Josemaría, an explosive left-handed player, just like her.

“Coquito”, young prodigy of the padel

Juan Zamora “Coquito” is a 16-year-old player from Osuna, a city that is home to the most beautiful street in Europe according to UNESCO. This young man can boast of having already accomplished great things in his life.

Indeed, he twice won the youth world championship in the Benjamin and Alevin categories. He was also European champion in the junior category with the Spanish team and triple champion of Spain in the Benjamin, Alevin and Junior categories. He was also vice-champion of Spain in cadets and double champion of Andalusia in doubles.

Juan Zamora's successes testify to his talent and commitment to the world of padel, and he is promised a bright future in this sport.

Juan Zamora "Coquito"

He grabbed a racquet from an early age and started competing at the age of five. As he explains himself: “I started playing padel very early, mainly because my brothers were already playing and competing, and because my father was a coach and teacher of padel. "

“Coquito” currently plays with the Delta Pro, a diamond-shaped racquet that incorporates Auxetic technology for better feel on every shot, and delivers explosive power when playing.

As for his partnership with the brand, he said: “I chose to join HEAD for the greatness of the brand, but also for the players it represents, because they are my idols today. But what was decisive in my decision were the values ​​that the brand embodies and which correspond perfectly to the education that my parents instilled in me.”