The high level performance at which HEAD accustomed to us combines with modern design and top quality in the shoe collection of padel 2024. This collection includes the new models REVOLTPRO 4.5 et SPRINTPRO 3.5.

With the REVOLTPRO 4.5, shoes offering great cushioning for players looking for stability and comfort, and SPRINTPRO 3.5, focused on speed, we find advanced technologies and materials that offer revolutionary levels of comfort, stability, durability and grip. Whatever their playing style, men, women and young people will find the shoes that allow them to reach their full potential.


The model REVOLTPRO 4.5, with its new structure, is ideal for aggressive players who put their shoes to the test as much as their opponents. With its optimal combination of cushioning, comfort and stability, this shoe offers the perfect protection for the longest matches. The expected design incorporates technology HEAD T-KORE 360° in the sole and upper, providing power, improved stability, abrasion resistance and torsional support.

The new version includes an improved lacing system with adjustment straps HEAD, which hold the foot in place. Additionally, it also offers more stability thanks to the 180-degree heel stabilizer. In addition to a modern and current design, this new part offers greater flexibility.

The youngest and ambitious people will also be able to benefit from REVOLT PRO 4.5 JUNIOR, a version identical to the adult model, offering excellent durability.

Revolt Pro 4.5 MEN
Revolt Pro 4.5 WOMEN


Designed for players looking for more speed on the pitch, the brand's lightest shoes still offer a higher level of performance and comfort with reduced weight. THE SPRINTPRO 3.5 are made with mesh fabric with a new design, Delta Straps to support the midfoot area, new tongue material and a cooling system that promotes breathability. This new model offers a better feeling of grip, as if you were closer to the ground, and improves mobility.

With the aim of also satisfying the youngest, Head also created SPRINT PRO 3.5 JUNIOR.

Sprint Pro 3.5 MEN
Sprint Pro 3.5 WOMEN

In addition to the models mentioned, HEAD also offers the HEAD MotionPro for men et women, a shoe 100% specially designed for padel which offers 360-degree performance, support and grip, as well as fit, comfort and breathability.

The shoe collection padel HEAD for 2024 is already available in selected stores and on the website.